We are IndoUS Collaboration Group.

We maintain that today’s businesses are at the threshold of a transition from old to the new. Digitization is no more an option but a compulsion. At what rate should we deprecate legacy systems and strategically invest in technology are the questions decision makers need to answer. Decision making as well has become data driven and decentralized for individual teams to keep relevant and profitable.

Within the team, we have a collective experience in executing ginormous projects in the contract recruitment arena, intelligent task tracker and schedule management, landscaping software, plugins for CRM data import and analytic dashboards, digital marketing applications and many more. Most of these applications are deployed on cloud computing and consumed as software as a service (SaaS).

IndoUS has been helping investment and software portfolio management companies take informed decisions and make expensive investment related decisions profitable. We wish to promote our service portfolio by immersing ourselves in the journey and helping your team with the right tools to deliver the WOW factor every single time.


Anurag Srivastava

Anurag leads the company’s technology and innovation landscape. He personally oversees the solution aspect for innovative projects, and it is under his aegis that the team has matured from helpdesk services to integrated software product engineering. A distinguished antiquarian and renowned philatelist in the global circuit, Anurag is also known for his culinary skills in the formidable Awadhi cuisine.

He is presently working with the machine learning team on a pilot to identify the originality of postage stamps, their origin, authenticity, value and heritage. The application is being developed using Python 3.7.3 with the support of Convolutional Neural Network algorithms, Flask API, TensorFlow and Keras predefined library. He invites visitors to propose names for the stamp identification engine on Twitter @IndoUS.

Akarshita Srivastava

Akarshita looks after customer satisfaction, business development and digital marketing aspects for the Software Product Engineering practice. She is an alumni of Singapore Management University and has tremendous experience in working on visualization projects for software and realty alike.

Currently based out of Singapore, she looks after new business acquisition in South East Asia and leads all digital marketing services for IndoUS as well as customers. She is an avid traveller and that enables her to review the go-to-market or the UX from a glocal perspective. She is our internal Client and a meticulous one.

Luke Clothier

Luke is an expert UX Designer and Performance Architect (web and mobile) with a background working with large scale automotive, fashion, telecommunications and retail companies including Ford, Burberry, Disney and Virgin Media. He is currently working on a global digital transformation project with Nissan, and also expanding his men's accessories brand; House of Monkudo.

He is also an aspiring product designer creating jewellery and accessories in his spare time. He does it either with pen and paper, on the computer or in his jewellery workshop. Luke is based in Brighton on the south coast of the UK where he lives with his son Griffin.