It is a misapprehension that commercial off-the-shelf software products are cost effective and custom development of software is expensive and time consuming. It actually depends on how critical and core the system which the software is supposed to replace.

At IndoUS, we help our customers with the right choice of proprietary software, open source frameworks with minimal customization or development from scratch depending on the use case. For different scenarios, we choose from waterfall, agile, prototyping and rapid application development models.

Development Methodology and Approach

We don't believe in reinventing the wheel. Instead, we draw inspiration from the success of the TATAs and Toyotas of the world. We admire and appreciate their customer-centric approach, continuous improvement, and respect for people. Integrating this production concept with the required innovation engine for service delivery, we practice agile principles combined with scrum and related engineering practices. Our primary project management methodologies include the following.


We like to be agile. We also like our work to flow harmoniously. This is why we also consider a structured, iterative approach to make sure that the project is broken down into manageable parts. This approach helps our cross-functional team members to be more efficient while performing the tasks assigned to them. Since the iterative approach addresses every issue until it is ironed out, last-minute surprises seldom crop up. If at all they do, we know what to do!

At IndoUS, we keep abreast of industry best practices and embrace change whenever the need arises. What's trending today may become a thing of the past tomorrow. But our passion for innovation and process excellence will continue to grow.


We love methods. We also understand the madness these methods manage! At IndoUS, we follow the Kanban framework in our development process. A Japanese method, which uses boards to present the status of every piece of work to every stakeholder, Kanban helps us optimize our work and workflow better. Since the accent is on 'work in progress', we are able to eliminate bottlenecks swiftly and manage projects cost-efficiently.

We adopt a simple 3-phase methodology to optimize our software development lifecycle. Ready > WIP > Done.