Public cloud. Private cloud. Hybrid cloud. Unsure what your business requires?

Do you sometimes feel that your current PaaS provider is not up to the mark?

Are your teams baffled by the complexities of the current multi-cloud environment??

Is support your biggest concern in your ongoing cloud journey?

Today’s organizations are in a race to grow faster while ensuring business continuity and operational flexibility. But success will be elusive without a cutting-edge IT infrastructure that promises RoI, scalability, and security. Also, today’s well-informed customers expect better experiences. Here’s where cloud computing can help.

At IndoUS, we offer a suite of cloud computing services tailored to address the needs of both evolving and entrenched businesses. Our domain experts will study your IT infrastructure, level of cloud maturity, and business priorities to suggest an ideal cloud strategy.

Innumerable cloud providers, platforms, and models have proliferated the new-age marketplace. But we always work on what works for your business. Though we are vendor-agnostic, we have chosen to specialize in AWS and Google Cloud. The reason is simple: They are the preferred pick of category-leading businesses. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

Our forte lies in our ability to handle everything from migration to maintenance of the cloud infrastructure. Whether it’s for integrating a cloud offering into your existing IT set up or developing cloud-native applications, our capabilities should offer you a definitive advantage.Whenever you think of Saas, Paas, or IaaS, just think of us.

Our forward-looking mindset, culture of continuous improvement, and scrupulous honesty are some of the other reasons why more and more customers are talking to us for their cloud computing initiatives. Have a word with us, and you’ll know that we mean exactly what we say.



  • Music streaming application
  • Performance management application
  • Followup scheduling application for Gmail