Are your seasoned employees working more and innovating less??

Are the bottlenecks in your supply chain increasing your time to market?

Are your contact center agents cribbing about an increase in irate customers?

Are your retention team members reporting unusually higher churn rates?

Scores of organizations, both traditional and evolving, are facing the heat due to changing customer expectations and market dynamics. The solution lies in an effective digital transformation strategy designed to address all the aforesaid concerns. The task entails the deployment of digital technology for use by the right people in the right manner, to create the right impact.

At IndoUS, we offer a suite of digital transformation solutions that can be customized to suit the needs of businesses across verticals. Our team of experienced consultants and engineers will work closely with your stakeholders to design, build, and deploy solutions that are cost-effective and easy to maintain.

We leverage leading-edge technologies like cloud computing, data analytics, IoT, and artificial intelligence to achieve the desired business outcomes. What we always aim for is an improvement in your processes, so your people work smarter and develop great products that sell like hot cakes in the market! The next logical step is to ensure that these products are delivered in a manner that addresses the expectations of customers who use them.

When you partner with IndoUS for your digital transformation journey, there’s always something for everyone in your organization. Our cross-functional team members have the know-how and experience to develop a wide array of applications custom mobile apps for the field sales team, intranet portals for knowledge sharing, auto-scheduling tools for productivity enhancement, and automation platforms for campaign management to mention just a few.

Our forward-looking mindset, culture of continuous improvement, and scrupulous honesty are some of the other reasons why more and more customers are talking to us for their digital transformation initiatives. Have a word with us, and you’ll know that we mean exactly what we say.



  • PMS and marketplace for service providers
  • Face recognition for attendance management
  • AI powered bots for recruitment