Statista estimates the size of the global male grooming market to be worth US$ 29.14 billion by 2024. Prospecting on this opportunity and driven by his passion for daring and distinguished men’s jewellery, Luke decided to launch the online store in early 2019.

Designed and developed by IndoUS using CodeIgnitor framework in PHP. The overall time invested in the design and development of the application is summed up to 2 man months.

Client location: Brighton, United Kingdom

Technology: CodeIgnitor framework

Timeline: 2 man months is a lightweight productivity tool for GMail which manages your inbox for schedule follow-ups, follow-up reminders, auto follow-up, email tracking, contacts look-up, schedule for later and email snooze.

The Chrome plugin for FollowUp is developed on Angular and the web application is on Ruby on Rails. The application boasts of an active user base of 10,11,212 as on date.

Client location: Florida, USA

Technology: Ruby on Rails and Angular

Timeline: 9 man months


FlyerCo is a collection of flyer templates for the real estate domain. User can leverage from the predefined templates or use the design components to create their own stunning templates without any software.

Client location: Florida, USA

Technology: Ruby on Rails

Timeline: 3 man months


Statista pegs the size of; for instance only the US recruitment market at 157.8 billion US dollars in 2020. IndoUS has created a SaaS based contract recruitment portal with pertinence to the contractual jobs in the global IT industry.

Client location: Brighton, UK

Technology: Laravel

Timeline: Acquired partially built product from a different team


IDoneThis is a daily progress and productivity tracker for individuals as well as organizations. IDT has some pretty unique features like tracking progress as an individual as well as as a part of an organization through same login, prorata billing, selective sharing of tasks and a completely personalizable office suite for enterprises. The application boasts of a user base of 95,800 as on date.

Client location: San Francisco, USA

Technology: Ruby on Rails

Timeline: 18 man months


A leading SaaS-based application developed for landscapers and lawn management companies to run their business efficiently while increasing profitability.

Client location: San Francisco, USA

Technology: CodeIgnitor

Timeline: 20 man months