Do you feel that your people, processes, and systems may not be IoT-ready?

Are you in a dilemma while deciding which all machines have to be connected?

Are you skeptical because of the security breaches that are doing the rounds frequently?

Do you feel that you need to wait until the cost of IoT comes down in the future?

More people, more homes and more businesses are getting connected to the internet, thanks to the merits of automation. As the world heralds the age of IoT (Internet of Things), more devices will continue to talk to one another. But the misconceptions surrounding the trend have to be erased in order to make a switch before it's too late.

At IndoUS, we offer cost-efficient and bespoke IoT solutions. Our team of experts will perform an audit of your environment before suggesting a strategy for implementation. The results of the audit determine the nature of the solution and implementation strategy. Whether you are looking for a few connected 'things' or an entire IoT ecosystem, we have the expertise to build and help build. Also, we'll be with you from design to deployment and integration to management.

We have joined forces with Antarnetra, a leading player in the IoT and embedded technology space, to design state-of-the-art and interoperable solutions that address the requirements of even the most complex businesses. We adopt industry best practices and keep abreast of technological trends to develop future-proof solutions for all our customers.

Our forward-looking mindset, culture of continuous improvement, and scrupulous honesty are some of the other reasons why more and more customers are talking to us for their IoT initiatives. Have a word with us, and you’ll know that we mean exactly what we say.



  • GSM operated remote control
  • Automatic flock dispenser
  • Sensor-based decision making